Senior Spokesmodel Louisville City Minis

August 15, 2022

There’s nothing like that last summer before senior year. Hanging out with friends, riding around in the sunshine and listening to music, laughing, talking.. making plans.

Those are the moments we were capturing with our city minis this past weekend. The girls fully understood the assignment. This session was nothing but good vibes & icecream!

We started in NULU, which is a burrow of downtown Louisville. Our first stop was Louisville Cream for Ice Cream Cones, not only were they delicious-but they made for adorable summer photos! Walking around, we found several colorful, fun and vibrant city backdrops, including Nulu Market place, that were perfect and fit the theme of our spokesmodel session.

For the second half of the session, we headed a little further into downtown to catch the sunset from a parking garage rooftop. We incorporated one of the spokesmodel’s jeep to add a fun bit of movement and playfulness to the photos. The girls lived their best lives during sunset! lol! They goofed off, played music, supported each other and really just had fun time making real memories.

This was definitely my favorite senior spokesmodel session to date, it’s sessions like these, that help me fall more in love with being a senior photographer! If you’d like to see how the photos turned out, scroll down! Feel free to let me know if you think we captured ideal summer vibes.

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