Senior Team Spring Blossoms Photoshoot

June 16, 2022

For our springtime photoshoot, I had the girls each invite two of their best friends! They loved the idea and it made for some of the sweetest friendship photos ever! (I’m pretty sure this will now be a reoccurring event each year)

Although the girls understood the assignment, the Spring weather did not! It was so cold! I don’t mean slightly chilly, it was bring a blanket and wear sweats over your spring dress kinda freezing. lol! It even started to drizzle for a little bit.

Now, I know that you’re thinking..Kat, why not just reschedule? Well, I checked the weather all week and right up to an hour before it was supposed to be slightly cloudy and 70. The girls were troopers though and we still had a lot of fun! They brought it! They frolicked, held down branches, hyped each other up …aannd then sat in their cars when they couldn’t feel their fingers! lol!

The Pictures and memories this experience added to their senior year are priceless! I know this amazing group of senior girls never forget it and neither will I.. Although, I’ll defiantly be pushing the date back by a week in hopes for warmth. The pictures turned out gorgeous despite the rain and cold. You can check them out below!

Senior Team Photoshoot

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